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Step One:
Consider your purpose for visiting the South Australian Maritime Museum with your students. What do you want to achieve through this learning experience? Will the excursion be at the beginning, middle or end of a learning focus?

Step Two:
Read through the programs available and select the program which suits your needs.

Step Three:
Ring the South Australian Maritime Museum to make your booking on 8207 6255. The bookings officer will assist you with your booking.

Step Four:
Before you make your booking make sure you know:

  1. Possible dates for the excursion (it is advisable to have more than one option)
  2. The program you wish to make a booking for
  3. Your email address
  4. The number of students and adults you expect to be participating in the excursion (1:5 ratio of adults free)
  5. The year level of the students
  6. The approximate arrival and departure times for your group

Step Five:
If you have any specific questions about the program you are booking, direct these to the Education Manager.

Step Six:
A booking confirmation and schedule will be emailed to you

Step Seven:
Please read all information on the booking confirmation and schedule. Sign the confirmation form via return email or fax it back on 8207 6266

Step Eight:
If you have booked a cruise on the Archie Badenoch you will also be asked to complete a manifest (passenger list) and return it with your booking confirmation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do before I book?
  • Be clear on the purpose of your visit. What are the outcomes you are hoping to achieve for your students? Which topics, ideas or issues do you want to explore?
  • View the programs available on this website
  • Consider which program will best support your learning focus. Is your visit at the beginning, middle or end of your learning program?

How do I book?

  • Ring the SA Maritime Museum on 8207 6255 and arrange your booking with the bookings officer.
  • Please be ready with:-
    • possible dates for the excursion
    • the name of the program you are wanting to book into
    • number and age of students attending the excursion.
    • phone and fax numbers for your school
    • approximate arrival and departure times for your day
  • If you would like support in planning your excursion or if you have a specific request please ask to speak to the Education Manager.
  • Our bookings officer will fax you a copy of your booking form which will include the details of your excursion booking and outline the schedule for your visit (including group rotation through activities).
  • Please read all of the information on the booking form and confirm the booking by signing and faxing the booking form to the museum on 8207 6266.
What will the schedule of my day look like?
  • When you make your booking you will be asked which program you want to book.
  • The bookings secretary will then schedule your day for you.
  • Your day will be divided into half hour activities with ten minutes moving time between activities. Your schedule will be planned to coordinate with other school bookings and the boat crew.
When is the museum open?
  • The South Australian Maritime Museum is open between 10.00 am and 5.00pm every day. It is closed on Good Friday and Christmas day.
How long will my class need to stay at the Maritime Museum?
  • Most programs can be adapted to suit the time you have available depending on the size of your group and the activities you choose. School programs are held between the hours of10.00am and 2.00pm
Can I bring extra adult helpers on the excursion?
  • You can bring supervising adults on your excursion for free within the following student: adult ratio-
    • Child care / Pre-school- ratio 1:5
    • Reception to year 2 – ratio 1:5
    • Year 3-7 - ratio 1:5
    • Year 8 -12 – ratio 1:10
  • If you bring adults above the ratio they will be charged at the student rate
Can I take my students on a Port River cruise?
  • The SA Maritime Museum owns an historic police launch, The Archie Badenoch which takes students on Port River cruises.
  • These cruises are run by volunteers and can be included in your excursion schedule.
  • The Archie Badenoch is surveyed to carry 24 passengers.
  • Please note that this means 24 passengers altogether (students and adults)
What if my class is bigger than 24?
  • We cater for larger groups by using a rotating schedule.
  • Your class will be divided into groups and we will organise the schedule for this.
What do I need to know about safety onboard the Archie Badenoch?
  • The Archie Badenoch is an enclosed vessel.
  • All students must wear PFDs (life jackets).
  • Your group will need to meet at the lighthouse ten minutes prior to the scheduled cruise to collect PFDs and meet the crew.
How do we get to the museum?
  • The museum is located at 126 Lipson Street, Port Adelaide. Lipson Street runs off St Vincent Street (see map in this booklet). The lighthouse, Archie Badenoch and Rockpool are all in close proximity to the museum.
  • Most schools charter a bus or use private transport for the excursion. Public transport is also available with bus stops nearby and the Port Adelaide railway station within 15 minutes walking distance.
Where does our bus need to park?
  • Buses need to park in Divett Street, at the corner of Lipson Street to allow students to disembark and embark the bus.
  • Buses are unable to stop in Lipson Street.
What do I need to know about the lighthouse?
  • Climbing the lighthouse is a fantastic way of viewing the Port River and surrounding area.
  • Student groups must be accompanied by at least 2 adults when climbing the lighthouse.
  • The lighthouse has 69 steps and is a reasonably steep climb.
  • If you book your class for a lighthouse climb, please make sure you can provide adult supervision and other arrangements are made for students who are unable to climb.
Is there somewhere to store bags and lunches?
  • Storage shelves are provided in the Rockpool room.
  • On arrival you will be given a key to the room for easy access during the excursion.
  • Please return the key to the front counter at the museum before departing.
What is the Rockpool?
  • The Rockpool is located across the road from the South Australian Maritime Museum in an old sail makers building. It is set up as a play room for pre-school and junior primary students. The Rockpool includes sea-themed dress up clothes, a yellow submarine, reef creation board and treasure hunting.
  • The Rockpool also provides bag storage for all school groups.
Where can my students eat lunch?
  • Food and drink are not permitted in any area of the museum.
  • Suggested areas for eating lunch include:-
    • tables outside the museum, shaded artificial grass area adjacent the lighthouse and the steps of the market building near the lighthouse.
What do my students need to bring on the excursion?
  • Students will be walking between the museum and outside venues so hats, water bottles and sunscreen are important.
  • Packed lunches can be stored in the Rockpool.
  • Students need to wear clothing and footwear suitable for walking and climbing.
Will my class be given a guided tour?
  • The museum does not have tour guides.
  • You need to plan your excursion to be self-guided.
Can I change my schedule?
  • Your schedule will be set for you after considering the program you have booked, other school groups and the Archie Badenoch cruise times.
  • Once set, it is very difficult to change your schedule and we ask you to notify the museum as soon as possible if you have any questions or concerns with your schedule.
How do I arrange payment for the excursion?
  • You can either pay by cash or cheque on the day of your excursion or ask for an invoice to be posted to your school afterwards.
What about wheelchair access?
  • The museum has access toilet facilities.
  • There is a lift in the museum which allows wheelchair access to most sections of the museum.
Where are the toilets?
  • Toilet facilities are located in the museum and also adjacent the lighthouse.
Are there first aid facilities available?
  • First aid kits are kept in the museum, onboard the Archie Badenoch and in the lighthouse. We recommend that school groups bring their own first aid kits with them on the excursion.
What do I need to do before the excursion?
  • Read the information faxed with your booking confirmation.
  • Ensure that all students and adults have a thorough understanding of the program, timetable and expectations during the visit.
  • Organise your students into groups according to the information on your schedule.
  • Ensure each group has adequate adult supervision and make copies of the relevant information for each group.
  • Plan your visit to be self-guided.
  • Plan to keep paper and pencil activities to a minimum. The visit will be very ‘hands on’. Students will be climbing the lighthouse, exploring the replica ketch etc.
  • Pack your camera and take lots of photos to help remember your visit and to use with follow-up learning experiences back at school.
What will happen when we arrive?
  • You will be greeted by a museum officer at the front counter of the museum.
  • Please be ready with the total number of students and adults in your school group.
  • The museum officer will ask you how you wish to pay for the excursion (pay on the day or invoice)
  • The museum officer will direct you to the Rockpool to store bags etc. and give you a key to this room.
  • You can then organise students into their groups and begin following your schedule for the day.
  • It is important to follow your schedule and stick to the timetable as other groups will be booked into activities before and after your group.
  • Groups cruising on the Archie Badenoch need to report to the lighthouse ten minutes prior to their scheduled cruise time.
How can I extend the learning beyond the excursion?

Comparing old and new understandings:

  • Ask each group to report on one activity they completed.
  • Encourage the groups to comment on their findings and discuss any questions.
  • Discuss how the information students found during their visit differs from their expectations before the visit and focus on how their understandings have changed.

Reflecting on and using new understandings:

  • Students report their answers and findings related to questions and issues formulated during pre-visit discussions and activities.
  • Complete any post-visit activities devised by the museum or teacher.
  • Plan further research and activities to address any issues that arise during post-visit discussions and use these findings to write information reports or expositions.
  • Collate the learning gathered at the museum into a class booklet, photo board or computer data base.
  • Demonstrate new learning by making models, posters, diorama, displays etc.
What do my students need to know before visiting the museum?
  • It is important that students have a clear understanding of safety and behaviour rules before you visit the museum.
  • Please negotiate rules and consequences with your students prior to the excursion.
  • Before your visit discuss with students :-
    • -What is a museum?
    • What is a maritime museum?
    • What would they expect to find in the Maritime museum?
  • Familiarise students with:-
    • Museum layout.
    • Features of the Maritime Precinct relevant to the excursion visit.
    • Purpose of the visit.
    • Program and activities for the visit.
  • Discuss guidelines for appropriate behaviour with students and ensure that all students agree to follow these guidelines.
    • safety rules must be adhered to all times. Students will have lots of ‘hands-on’ experiences at the museum. It is important that they engage in these activities in a safe manner and with consideration for others. (Eg: we want Students to ‘explore’ the ketch but jumping, running etc. is not safe)
  • students must stay with their groups and follow the instructions of supervisory adults and museum staff.
  • Everything in the museum is there because it is precious, old or important and needs to be treated that way.
  • The museum will be open to the public during your visit and the rights of other visitors need to be considered.
What is the role of the Education Manager at the museum?
  • The Education Manager is responsible for developing education programs through the SA Maritime Museum.
  • The Education Manager will only be available to work with your class if you have a specific booking.
  • The Education Manager is happy to help you plan your museum excursion and subsequent learning experiences by phone or email.
What is the role of museum officers and volunteers at the museum?
  • The museum has officers on duty at the Lighthouse and in the Bondstore.
  • The museum officers are not tour guides- their role is to run the front counter, shop and to provide information.
  • We are able to offer Port River cruises onboard the Archie Badenoch thanks to a dedicated group of volunteer skippers and crew.
  • Volunteers may be involved in other education programs from time to time.


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