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Life Onboard


Suitability: Can be adapted from Year 4 - 10

$6 per student (without a Port River cruise)
$8.50 per student (with a Port River cruise)

Availability: Monday- Friday (subject to availability)

Program includes:

  • Session with an education presenter with ‘hands on’ activities’ (please note: the format of this session will vary according to the individual presenter and student's year level)
  • ½ hour cruise on Archie Badenoch (optional)
  • Navigate from the top of the lighthouse
  • Explore the museum exhibits (self-guided) Life Onboard

Australian Curriculum: History

Historical skills, knowledge and understanding

Year 4:

Locate relevant information from sources provided.

Identify different points of view.

Year 5:

The reasons people migrated to Australia from Europe and the experiences and contributions of a particular migrant group within a colony.

Year 6:

Stories of groups of people who migrated to Australia and the reasons they migrated.

Resources to support learning about conditions onboard early sailing vessels bound for South Australia  
Southward Bound Information (for teachers) pdf
Lifeonboard Student Workbook ( optional - print one per child) pdf
Post Visit Learning Tasks pdf
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